AI for B2B Commerce

Intelligence in the hands of your customers


Increase revenue with AI powered product discovery

Reduce cost of sales and support with autonomous product research

Gain a deeper understanding of customers through rich conversational insights


product QA icon

Product Q&A

Empower customers with instant and accurate responses to technical product inquiries

conversantional research icon

Conversational research

Enable customers to navigate products in more natural and intuitive ways during their research journeys

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Unified navigation

Integrate site-wide bespoke user journeys into a unified streamlined experience

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Catalog intelligence

Navigate your entire product catalog through an intelligent interface

Customer insights icon

Customer insights

Leverage rich conversational insights to optimize customer experiences

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Customer acquisition

Acquire high-intent purchasers and conversational context through one-click product syndication to our AI powered marketplace

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About us

Conversant was founded by a group of senior ex-Google product and engineering leaders, disenchanted with traditional ecommerce experiences. Leveraging the latest AI technologies, we are reimagining how businesses find and buy products.

As part of this mission, we are transforming the traditional B2B ecommerce experience into a rich contextual journey and automating cumbersome research and purchase related tasks.

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