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Product discovery. Rediscovered.

Conversant's AI platform powers interactive multimodal product research experiences that transform the process of finding the right products into an efficient and delightful journey.

Seamlessly integrated into your ecommerce store, the Conversant application offers your customers what traditional search and discovery experiences cannot.

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Interactive research

An interactive and dynamic product research experience, powered by comprehensive product data and fine-tuned LLMs.

Empower your customers with self-sufficient, informed buying journeys that lead to more efficient and confident purchasing decisions.

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Task automation

Task focused agents that automate complex web-scale research and optimize multidimensional product decisioning.

Help unburden your customers from the mundane.

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Product understanding

Instant answers on product capabilities and technical specifications, with streamlined retrieval of source content.

Give your customers access to all the knowledge that matters.

Additional benefits

Conversant brings additional benefits to internal teams, deepening customer insights and increasing support quality.

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Unified catalog

Intelligent, streamlined access to your entire product catalog enables you to support your customers more efficiently and effectively.

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Conversational insights

Rich conversational insights allow you to gain a deeper understanding of what customers really need, and where you are falling short.

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Customer acquisition


Acquire high-intent purchasers and conversational context through one-click product syndication to our AI powered product research platform.

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Connect with us to explore design partner opportunities. Or, to simply learn how intelligent product research can enhance buyer engagement and conversion on your site.

Custom and platform integrations available

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A web scale product research experience showcasing all our latest product intelligence capabilities.

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Endless searches. Irrelevant results. Annoying ads. Disjointed experiences.

It's time for a better way to search and find the products that you need.

Conversant is reimagining conventional product search, with a focus on complex, high-consideration products, where the pain is most acute.

Leveraging AI, we are crafting an experience that surpasses what even the most knowledgeable and friendly salesperson can offer. It's an intelligent and delightful journey that you won't be able to imagine living without.

Founding team

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Kyle Harrison

Co-founder / CEO

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Manoj Tiwari

Co-founder / CTO

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